virtual tour 360 change style of the cross and arrow


Hey, I would like to change the design (style and shape) of the cross button on which we can click on to see a picture or a label

and also the style of the arrow to go to a new scene

Indeed, I'd would like to create an escape game where the areas to click are transparent.

So, I've downloaded an example of a virtual tour (360) activity and opened all the files (css files for examle) of the h5p compressed folder to find where the style and the shape and the color of the cross and the arrow were recorded.

But I did'nt find the right file.

Could you help me please ?

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As far as I know, what you request is already part of a planned update.

Apart from that, the respective classes that would need to be customized using H5P's hooks (not by fiddling in the distribution files) are:

  • info button: .h5p-info-button .nav-button:before
  • navigation button: .h5p-go-to-scene-button .nav-button:before

Or use the source code and build your own version if you really want to patch that into the code.


Hey Otacke, thanks a lot for your answer.

I am in a hurry to discover the update.

Best regards.