New Service Online to Convert H5P-Files to offline-runnable ZIP-Packages

Here is a new service we just created:


Just try it out, use it.


If is not working in some hours, that is probably because we just change some things and try out new stuff.



Just added a new feature: With some php-scripts it is now pssible to directly play h5p from the server. No need to convert them, all is done on the fly. So you can just put an h5p-File to your server and link to the virtual-index-file in it.


Anyone interested in this project?


Works quite fine ...

how to convert


Thanks guys for building this! Such a great way to publisize content anywhere! No word press or moodle needed and no accounts and passwords! This is ideal for sharing for good formative learning that does not require tracking. Well done. Please keep it going!