Standard Editor for all H5P fields

When creating content in H5P I notice that not all descriptionfields or assignment fields have the same editor. For instance. The H5P MultipleChoice does not allow the insertion of a (video)hyperlink. I have to create an interactive book with TEXT field and then Multiple Answer. Also the Quiz (QuestionSet) shows the same. Some questions can have links in their question/assignment fields and others not.

Is it possible to have the same editorfunctions in all H5P descroption /task / assignmentfields?

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Having different HTML editors as well as variable spaces for Title and Instructions make it difficult to ensure consistency between activity types.  For me, a good example of this can be found in comparing a "Fill in the Blanks" activity to a "Drag the Words" activity type.  See the two attached screenshots.

To piggyback on this, I'm looking to present more dynamic text to the multiple choice content type and more: specifically the ability to hyperlink. Would be great to revamp to allow for rich text.