Any way to disable "Turn" in Dialog Cards

Hello All

Is there any way to disable "Turn" option in dialogue cards?

Kindly suggest!

Thank you

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Hello jadeofheavens,

the only way I know of is that you allow users to enable the map also in the behavior settings quick reply.

Allow quick answer
If enabled, learners can indicate that they know a card without turning it over

Otherwise, you'd have to get to the code and change it.


greetings villon


Hello Villon

Thank you for sparing time and replying.

I am unable to find the settings you mentioned.

Only the following settings are available in the "Dialog cards" behavior settings.

1. Enable retry button

2. Display backward navigation

3. Scale text..

4. Randomized cards..

Could you please be more specific in what yoy are saying.

Thank you and Regards

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Hello jadeofheavens,

I use dialog cards 1.8.8 with lumi so there is an option known as "Schnellantwort erlauben". As you write, I don't see this option in the H5P editotor.

But you can use my attached exercise as an template. Maybe anyone else have an answer for your problem. Wish success for you.



Thank you, I was also using dialog cards with Lumi, but strangely was not seeing these options, however, your attached file has worked, and now i can give options to students to "not to" turn.

Thank you again!

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Helle jadeofheavens,

you're welcome and I am glad that I could help.

Greetings villon