Image sequence - marking individual images correct/incorrect


I am using image sequence, but if a user gets the sequence incorrect, with some images in the correct order and some not, the correct images will be marked with a green tick and incorrect with a red cross. This means that with multiple attempts, the user can guess the correct simply by process of elimination.

Is it possible to switch off the green ticks/red crosses so the user is effectively awarded just one point for the whole correct sequence?

Thanks ver much

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Hi activephysiology,

This is not possible not unless there are changes to the code. I have moved your post to the feature request forum.


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Image Sequencing was not created by the H5P core team. Are you now taking requests for content types maintained by others (or nobody in that case)?


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Hi Oliver,

No, not really, I just moved the post so that in case someone from the community decides to take over managing the content.


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Aaah, got it. Thanks!