Interactive video editing

Hi..I am a content author in vocational education and training space. We created some content on the platform which indeed came out pretty well..

- Interactive video:

- Memory game:

- Identification game:

- Process game:

However, I thought of sharing some features which we felt were lacking to some extent:

1. Basic editing features in interactive video such as trimming/slicing, import and combine videos/images, time effects and language translation

2. Collaboration and review features

3. Use of bookmarks can be enhance authoring experience Eg - While adding interaction, instead of choosing the exact time (in m:ss format) would be good to have option of selecting bookmark


Content types: 
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Hi udaynanda1,

Thank you for sharing your material.

As for your suggestions:

1. The Interactive Video was not designed to be a video editing tool although your suggestions can really help a lot of users.

2. This is a very good suggestions that can help everyone improve in creating their material.

3. Nice suggestion.

I moved this post to the Feature Request forum for better visibility.