In MOODLE plugin - allow "best score"

Hello - we are using course presetnation content type in Moodle. Learners like to look at their scores/gradebook. The trouble is, if a learner wants to re-do an H5P, or try again for practice, Moodle always updates the score to the new score (I'm pretty sure I have this correct, but I could be wrong). It would be a great feature to be able to select "highest score" or "first score," as the score that gets recorded in the Moodle gradebook. thanks!

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Great idea!

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Hi akaskens,

Thanks a lot for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! We’re now working on something called the H5P supporter program allowing the H5P community to vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then works on a feature they find interesting or useful.


I am wondering if there has been any interest in adding this feature to Moodle, where in the Moodle settings, you could set up the number of attempts allowed (one, two, unlimited), and specify the grading (e.g., first attempt, or hightest attempt). This way, H5P learning objects could be used for assessment purposes (currently, a user can always do an H5P unlimited times, making H5P hard to use for assessment/tests).

thanks, Anne-Marie


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Hi Anne-Marie,

We haven't received any pull request in Github or queries regarding this.


Hello - I don't think I articulated the problem well enough, so I'm going to try again. We have been using H5P course presentation type in our LMS (Moodle). Our courses are now being used with several instructors and several groups of learners. We have been getting messages from different instructors who report the same problem. When learners complete an H5P learning object, they hit the last slide to see their score, which also gets registered in the Moodle scorebook. All good. They often get 100% and are quite proud - all good!  But then they like to go back and re-do it, maybe only focusing on a slide or two, to consolidate their learning. But then the score resets - the 100% they were proud of now becomes perhaps a 14%. Sometimes it becomes a zero - because they just went back to the learning object to review it, but then hit the final slide and bam, lost their score in teh scorebook. So this is why this is problematic. The instructor, when she reviews the scorebook to check her learners' scores - cannot know if her learners were successful. It is possible they got 100%, but then tried only one slide again - getting 14%. This is the problem. In Moodle, with other non-H5P learning object, there are grading settings so to "accept/record highest score" or "record first score." We would love to keep using H5P, but this scorebook behaviour is a major drawback. Is there any chance this can be fixed - or can you let me know what I can do to help that happen? Thank you. 

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Hi Anne-Marie,

Thank you for the additional explanation. I totally agree with your suggestion. Let's hope that someone from the community picks this up soon.


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Hello, with the Column resource you can pile up all the excercises and the grade doesnt go back.
Maybe it helps until the limited attempts feature gets pushed.

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Hi moviedo,

Just to make sure I understand you correctly do you mean that you are not getting any scores from Column?


Hello BV52,

I've recently made a pull request for this on Github

A few more options  for the way Moodle handles H5P scores in the gradebook would be helpful. There is no way to limit the number of attempts a user can make on an H5P activity in Moode, so it would be useful to have the option to set the gradebook score to dispaly the first attempt, the average of multiple attempts, the highest score or the last attempt. .


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Hi Jim,

Thank you for your contribution. Would you mind sharing the pull requests URL so that everyone can follow the progress.


Hi H5P team! Our teachers and students love H5P! We use H5P plugin in Moodle in our course LMS. There two common problems that we experience with H5P Course Presentation activities in Moodle:

1) each time learners click on the last slide in the course presentation activity their scores change. We wish that the highest score could be recorded in Moodle gradebook. I hope someone in the community could look into it.

2) We were also wondering if there is a chance to make H5P SCORM compliant?

Thank you very much for all the work you do! 


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Thanks for the feedback.
1) We are aware of this, we might work towards adding options for which score will be stored in the gradebook, though I have no ETA for this. Note that we send all the xAPI events, so any plugin could receive and store all the results and make a view where only the best result would be displayed, though this would require some developer work.

2) There is no plans that I'm aware of for making H5P SCORM compliant. H5P use xAPI for user events, which is often considered the "next generation of SCORM".

I'd like to support Anne-Marie's comment re.the problem with H5P scores in Moodle gradebook. Students who attempt to complete H5P activities more than once lose their first scores and get really discouraged (and frustrated) if it happens to be their better score. Having an option to choose which score to save would solve the problem.

I hope this gets on your list of things to resolve. Thank you for your amazing work!

I would love an update on this issue, if there is one. I see that the issue was raised in github, but was apparently not raised in the correct thread. Can you let us know if it was successfully moved? (I added a comment on gibhub to ask, but I'm asking it here too). To repeat what I said in github, we are at a crossroads in our use of H5P in our many moodle courses, because learners and instructors keep raising this gradebook issue. We'd love to be able to tell moodle to either record either the first score (great if the activity is an assessment) or the best score. Currently, the score is most recent. thank you - love H5P!!

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Hi akaskens,

I'd love to say that we have a new update on this but I'm sorry we don't have anything yet.


Hello BV52 - can you help? Can you or someone please maket a pull request on gitub for this feature?  (allowing a Moodle setting so that we can specifiy where to record a learner's first score or best score (currently the sroe resets everytime the learner tries). I wish I could but I can't figure out how to do it, and I cannot find any current pull request for this feature on github.  This feature is key to helping our instructors monitor learner performance and success, and it seems several people have recogized it, so I'd like to do what I can to bring attention to it. Can you advise? Your help would be very appreciated!   

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Hi Askaskens,

I'm afraid my coding skils are fairly limited and I cannot personally create the code to handle this feature. The core team currently still has some backlogs that needs to be taken care of before they can start with new projects. I truly hope that someone in the community picks this up.


Any update on this?
Due to COVID-19 we are relying a lot on H5P in Moodle for our distance learning programs. 

We'd love to have an option to make only the best attempt scored. Alternatively a solution as in the interactive video would be grade where students need to actively submit their answers. 
Thank you!

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Hi philpav,

I wish I have good news but there are no updates on this request.


This could be a better solution: at least if it gets updated to 3.9

This is a big problem from a pedagogy POV. It makes no sense at all to not have the option of recording highest/most recent/lowest score in the gradebook. H5P needs to prioritize this as it really discourages learners from reviewing formative activities. HUGE oversight.

This is a big problem from a pedagogy POV. It makes no sense at all to not have the option of recording highest/most recent/lowest score in the gradebook. H5P needs to prioritize this as it really discourages learners from reviewing formative activities. HUGE oversight.

this needs to be in the rollout functionality for all LMS.