ADA Compliance and Responsive Design

Which of the interactive types that I can build on this site meet WCAG AA standards?

Which ones are responsive for mobile devices?

I have seen some discussion in the forum about a few specific types that are not responsive and/or not ADA compliant, but I'm not seeing anything in the documentation about these questions.

Also, is there a search feature for the forum somewhere that I'm not seeing? I imagine these topics have been discussed, but I can't see a way to find them without reading each post individually.


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We are constantly working on improving the content types in regards to accessibility, with WCAG 2.0 AA conformance as the goal. Please look at the following release notes:

All H5P content types should be responsive for mobile devices. If you find any issues related to this, please report it.

You are correct about the search functionality, which is missing on But Google has, by using "" as part of the search string. Click here to see an example.