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Hey there...

I have a quick question that might have a simple answer.  On interactive video content types we are able to prevent downloads of videos by selecting the appropriate option in the Display Options.

I'm adding some video into a Course Presentation slide and want to allow player controls for users to play, pause etc... however, their is a download option on the player control.  I want to protect my content from download... is there a simple fix or coding to enable the playback features but remove the download option.

Thanks for you help in advance.


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Hi Neil,

This is possible by making changes to the code. This documentation is a good place to start.


you could upload your video to youtube then embed it in h5p

there would be no download button but it's still possible to download youtube videos with tools like internet download manager


Thanks for the suggestion, but the crux is that I retain copyright of the proprietary material.  So uploading it to YouTube is a non starter.



Hi, I am new to h5p. I have completed my first interactive video. Can anyone let me know how to download it to my own PC or how to host it in the Youtube?


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Hi grnjanake,

Welcome to H5P!

I'm afraid this is not possible. The interactivity that you create in the content is created in JavaScript and cannot be played on a 'regular' video player.



Great app but how do I get my hard work on Moodle please??



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Hi Trish,

You first need to install the plugin for Moodle. Once installed you should be able to upload H5P files into it.


Hi, I created an interactive video directly from Moodle, but I want to download it to upload it to my H5P account and have it available for the future. How can I do it?

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Hi Laura,

I think this documenation would be helpful.


How can I add my interactive video to my moodle. Where should I add the embed code? I am driving mad trying to find it. Could you help me pls?

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Hi vbisquert,

You can add the embed code wherever it is allowed to place iframes in Moodle. It would be better if you install the Moodle plugin or use to host your content. Additionally we advice againts using to host "real" content since it is a test site meant to provide new users a way to test H5P as well as test new updates.