Interactive Video to allow for Collaboration of Users, Capture open ended answers

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I am so excited about the recent release of the new features H5P is working on. I wanted to share this request. It is a feature that an interactive video platform of the past used to have, and it made very dynamic for education. I just finished a conversation sharing H5P with a teacher specialist in my school district, and their response was referring to the Depth of Knowledge and how if a user can view other users open-ended response how much this deepens the learning experience. 

It adds a social element. Makes it collaborative. Deepens the learning, and raises it on the "scales" educators use like "DOK" and also the "SAMR" Model. I'm attaching a link if you're familiar / or curious of what I'm referring to. 

But at the moment, I'm still not sure that you can even capture open-ended responses in the H5P content types? Much less collaborate and view other's responses? I'd love to learn more if there are content types with these features!

Thanks as always to all of you H5P geniuses! 

Content types: 
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I meant to share this link above in my original text.

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At the moment you can capture responses from the "Questionnaire" content type. We're soon releasing "Free Text Question" together with upgraded reporting for all of these content types including Documentation Tool, which will make it easier to ask open ended questions and capture the results.

There is currently no content types for real time collaboration, but this would certainly be a very interesting addition to H5P.

You can read more about capturing events and analyzing results at:

- Thomas

Hi, this is a very interesting post - if this became available it would also meet the need for an open-ended question-type. The most commonly used question type for assessment is the open ended question or task starting with an action verb e.g Explain, Describe, Compare etc. Not having an open ended question type as part of the suite of question types in Interactive Video seems like a significant oversight. The Essay task, as it exists, would be perfect for the purpose of asking open-ended questions and providing instant feedback to students. Is it possible to get an ETA? I note that most posts about open-ended questions are a few years old now.

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Hi GretchenBDH,

With regards to Essay I can't say if it will be added to Interactive Video there is also no timeline if/when it will be added. With regards to open ended questions Interactive Video have "Free Text Question" that you can use for this. It lacks the instant feedback but at least we have something to use.