Installed library maintainance, housekeeping, upgrade, delete

The H5P library list can get very long and so housekeeping could become tedious. Here are a couple ideas and a question.

1. Perhaps we could add an 'upgrade' checkbox by each installed library and a button to 'upgrade' all checked.

2. Likewise we could add an 'delete' checkbox by each installed library and a button to 'delete' all checked.

3. Maybe there is value to implement the library list with views and view bulk operations?  Views are more useful to enable Drupal Admins to customize Views and create their own Views.  So maybe Views are not needed.  Then again if the H5P library list grows larger especially with older library versions sticking around over time, then maybe View could help with its handy search and filter features.



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Hi Jeff,

Don't tell anyone, but that the core team is currently working on some sweet stuff, that will make library management easier in the future. ;)

- Tom


Could you please tell me if it possible that opportunity for upgrdaing all content types to latest version of libraries for Drupal in next releases?

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I don't completly understand your question, but you should be able to upgrade content types today (but it's a manual job, to trough them one by one).

- Tom

Yes, now it's manual job for each library. Is it possible in future make this process for all libraries and content types in one click, something like Update all content types to latest version button?

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Yes, it's quite annoying and hopefully something that we can fix soon : /