SCORM export


I think it would be great if a SCORM export could be added. This would make H5P much more usable in LMS environments. 

xAPI will still take some time to get common. 

Thanks and kind regards

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I agree, this isn't something the H5P Team will prioritize but we will accept outside help, and we are continuing to make our xAPI support better and we will also add IMS LTI support.

LTI with grade passback would be cool ;-) Looking forward to it!

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Yeah, definitively with grade passback! :)

Oh yes, thumbs up :-)

Is there any update on whether grades/marks can be added to Moodle. This is an AMAZING platform however the lack of being ale to record a students scores via quizzes etc is a major bummer. SCORM compliance would be cool. The activities already appear in the Moodle Gradebook but are shown as zero score when completed. 

Thanks for the amazing work.

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This should be working with the alpha version of the Moodle plugin. Which of the content types have you been testing with?

The max score might not be correct to begin with, but should be correct once the first user has answered the task. I haven't heard about results not being logged when completing tasks. Do you think you could open your web browser's console(Ctrl+Shift+J in Chrome) and look for any error messages when solving the task? There might be a bug we don't know about in some setups.

We are currently developing on the plugin and an improved version including the editor should be available in a not too distant future.

Thank you for reporting your issue.

Hi, thanks for your reply. It is working I was having a rather stupid moment. Thanks for all the hard work on this, it will revolutionise the content that I can create for my students.

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Ok, good it's all working then!