Interactive Video as Collaborative open video


i was asking myself if H5P interactive Video could be changed. Currently the teacher has to edit the tasks and then the learner can watch the video and fulfill tasks.I am thinking about a solution, where the learners can edit the video in the course. As example have a look at youtube. When you jump to a certain bookmark something like a "chat" or discussion can happen like at youtube. i.e. You jump to the bookmark 2.3 minutes (this little green and purple points at the timeline of the video) and there you can read the discussion from different members about this marked video spot.

Do you have any clue if something like this exists?

King regards

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Hi wolkeger, I'm sorry that this hasn't been replied to yet. Nothing like this exists yet but I think it would be a great addition. 

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I think this is a pretty neat idea. There are certain scenarios that favor the use of collaborative video annotation / discussion / reflexion. There'a a brief overview in German that references the commercial software edubreak ("of course", there's a short video clip on YouTube).

Just thinking aloud, not promising anything ... ;-) You could either stuff that feature into the existing interactive video content type. That might still be feasible for a simple "comment" feature as described above (As a user, I can add a plain text comment at a given interaction using a new button that's displayed with the interaction. / As a user, I can toggle the visibility of a comments overlay with a button in the player bar.). Alternatively you could create a dedicated new content type that works like edubreak and you could probably recycle some existing code for hotspots, etc.

Just out of curiosity: Is there a favored way to store information if I intended to? I know, H5P sends xAPI statements, and a learning record store of some kind is intended to catch them. But just in case I wanted to keep some data myself: Is there at least a basic general data storage/retrieval API (planned) for the H5P and its plugins?

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Hey guys,

It has been discussed to create some kind of shared data storage for users, but it's not clear if it will be implemented. We need at least more usecases first.

An other alternative is to use an external service on the internet for this kind of communication.

- Tom

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At least in Germany, the educational world is pretty reluctant to use external services because of data privacy laws.

I wouldn't mind ;-) to at least have a core function for storing and retrieving a bunch of data attached to a content type, e.g. in a JSON structure.

Yes. Data privacy is very important in particular for Cloud Computing, because these Data can also include company data.

Protection is very important. So, hosts normally shall not see such data.


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Yea, data privacy issues definatly needs to be taken into account, when designing such a system.

Thanks for pointing it out. :)

- Tom