allow 1) reuse of content that was developed in an interactive video. 2) insertion of existing content into videos.

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Hello H5P Community, 

I wonder if this has been addressed.  I believe it would be extremely useful to save content developed for interactive videos as standalone .H5P .

Use case:  I import an .MP4 video to the ineractive video.  I then add some quiz questions at various points in the video.  I now realize that I want to make a change to the .MP4 video.  Uh-oh!  All the content will be lost if I upload a new video!  As a test, I downloaded my interactive video and reuploaded it as a backup.  I then deleted the .MP4 and indeed, all the interactions disappear.  Scary.  Perhaps all the content could be kept at the original timestamps?  

It would be awesome if each piece of content added to a video could be saved as its own .H5P file for standalone use or in updated/subsequent videos.

Interactive Video Editor --> Add Interactions --> each content type --> export as H5P

Interactive Video Editor --> Add Interactions --> Insert/Upload H5P.  

thank you so much developers,


Content types: 
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Hi Avi!

You can actually click on the video icon somewhere next to the close button to open the upload dialog. You can then replace your video and all your interactions are fine.

Anyway, I guess your problem might be addressed further in the future. In his latest blog post, falcon states: "Another huge improvement that is coming is using the Hub also for sub-content. When you choose what question you want to use in Question Set you'll soon be using a compact version of the H5P Hub there as well, and of course, you'll be able to reuse content from the Hub inside a Question Set as well." This feature could possibly also be applied to Interactive Video.

I have a question about the sub-content. Does this mean that a Quiz Set can be made out of h5p activities already on the system? 

Cause know I have to plan ahead whether I make a separate multiple choice question or a quiz set with more multiple choice questions. Reuse of existing MC questions and importing them in the quiz set would be great!

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Hi viragom,

There is a copy/paste feature for H5P contents. This lets you copy an existing content and paste it into another content type (provided that it allows you to create it there in the first place). It also lets you copy/paste out of a complex content type and use that content as a stand alone content. Pretty much how you described in your comment ;-) You can read more about this here.


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Thanks for the help Otacke, 

I hadn't thought of clicking on the previously uploaded video.  Perhaps there could be some kind of video swap/reorder functionality on that screen...looking forward to all the amazing updates :)

thanks again, 


I've been trying the same: Re-edit the video and trying to replace it. However, when i do like you explained, the edit dialog doesn't open afterwards, i just get a grey screen. I wonder if replacing the mp4 file manually via FTP would work but when I do so, the old video is still active. I use WordPress 4.7.4 on a MAMP.

What can I do?

Thanks so much!

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The browser's who have 'cached' the video will not automatically get the new video if you replace the video manually on the file system. 

What do you mean by 'grey screen' could you perhaps attach a screenshot? Also, open the browser's console and look for any error messages (Ctrl+Shift+J in Chrome).

Indeed, deleting my cache does the trick. I updated the interactive video library to  the newest version and now everything works as it should! Thanks for your help :)

I added an interaction and saved video. Then, I clicked edit and could not find interaction. So, I added it again. 

There is no way to delete and interaction after saving video, is there? Do I have to reupload video and delete the previous one?

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Hi idesign,

I'm not sure what really happened but this is the first time I've heard that an interaction was added but is not showing when editing. Do you it in the when you are trying out the content? If so I suggest that you upload your content here so that we can check.