Allow Kaltura and other video platforms to be embeded into Presentation module

Currently, only selected YouTube and Vimeo videos are allowed as embeds to Presentations. Would there be other supported video platforms, such as Kaltura to be added as a video embed?

Also, another question is for video uploads - what are the size limits? and formats supported?


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Hi robinleung,

Youtube provides an API that H5P uses for its videos. Most video hosting sites gives us the URL for the player which H5Ps cannot use , in the case of Vimeo Pro (and above if I;m not mistaken) provides the source URL. So if Kaltura can also provide the source URL it can also be used in H5Ps.

The size limit is dependent on your server settings. In the case of it is limited to 16MB, while in it's 2GB. Formats are mp4 and webm.


Hi BV,

Thanks for this! Very helpful. What do you mean the source URL? Kaltura is an hosted app, so i imagine the URL for each institution will be different.

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Hi robinleung,

I'm not sure but most likely it will be different for each institution. Most video hosting site gives the URL for the video player, in this page you would usually see the video, other links and depending on the site advertisements. The video source URL is where the actual video is located in the hosting servers. You can check with Kaltura if they provide this and how to retrieve it. It usually ends with .mp4, .webm depending on the video format.


Hi, I'd like to continue to pursue this line of inquiry. It looks like there's been repeated requests to use Kaltura video as an embedded video in H5P.

September 2017:

October 2017:

April 2018:

As well as the request above, from July 2020. Evidently, there's been very little progress on this matter. Kaltura is a very prevalent video platform in higher education and, I assume, H5P wants to become a player in interactive educational video. It seems like a great opportunity to make the two work together.

I have a Kaltura video:

I've tried to use it in a H5P quiz and I received the error "Video format not supported." How do we make this happen? I'm ready to collaborate with anyone to make this a reality.

Thank you,

Raul Burriel

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Hi Raul!

Requests or no requests, the H5P core team still needs to find the resources (financial in the end) to create new features.



I know that the iframe embedder feature has been disabled for a while, but Kaltura provides iframe embed codes for their videos and it would be easiest if we could just use those.

Alternatively, it is technically possible to extract the .m3u8 / .mpd streaming URLs for Kaltura videos, and adding support for those filetypes would help solve this.

Any update or progress on this?  It seems like it's been requested multiple times over many years.

We are in the same boat.  Our university's IT frowns on and routinely discourages use of Google products (for both security and contractual reasons).  Although YouTube is great for personal and social sharing, there are a lot of reasons why it is NOT a good site for professional hosting of content, and institutions like ours typically have thousands of hours of instructional media which cannot be easily migrated (and in many cases, we're prohibited by contract or policy from hosting videos on YouTube).  Consequently, most universities and many schools use a third-party platform (typically either Kaltura or Panopto) for hosting of streaming media content.

If H5P wants to serve the higher ed market, enabling embedding of Kaltura-hosted videos is essential.  The only workaround we know of at this point is to download the video from Kaltura and upload it to the project, which unnecessarily duplicates hosting and clogs bandwidth.