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Speak the Words Set "Finish" button translation

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Hi, I'm using H5P in Portuguese, and most of the content types are already translated or at least allow me to translate the sentences manually. However there is one button I simply can't find a way to translate. It's the "finish" button that appears in the of Speak the Words Set. I looked carefully into all the fields to translate, but it's not there. Any ideas on how I could translate it? Thanks!

Speak the words set - It looks like your browser does not support speech recognition. Please try again in a browser like Chrome.


We have a problem with the speak the words set exercices. We are editing the exercise into the wordpress editor (with de h5p official plugin).

despite the fact that in the exercise we have defined the translation: "Body text to display if browser does not support speech recognition" as "请 使用 Google Chrome 浏览 器" (we want to show as chinese content).