Speak the words Set

Speak the Words Marking Correct Answers Wrong

A student in my course on a window's computer shared screenshots of the results of her Speak the Words activity I created.

When I take the quiz, my answers are all heard correctly by the Speak the Words activity and are marked appropriately.

Though when she does it, the answers are heard correctly, but they are marked wrong. This has happened with MOST answers and I've included a screenshot of one.

Image for Speak the words


Can you help for authors to be able to add an image on the question? 

something like this


this could be a quick turn around as adding image function is available for many others h5p modules. 

Thank you




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Speak the words (sets) and punctuation issues

Hello. I am having difficulty with speak the words and punctuation in English.

Punctuation is recognized differently than the expected answer, causing the user to be told they are wrong even though all of the words they have spoken were recognized correctly.

I.e. [it's] is recognized as [its], or [It's a sunny day. It's a nice day.] is recognized as [It's a sunny day, its a nice day], and so on.