Virtual Tour (360)

Pop-up not obeyed as link target in Virtual Tour (360)

  1.  Add a text element into a Virtual tour(360) content type. Insert a link and set the target to a pop-up window.  Save the content.  Klick the link in the text element: the link contentent opens in the the current window.
  2. Platform Moodle 3.9
  3. Desktop
  4. Browswer: Firefox, Chrome
  5. H5P plugin 1.21.0
  6. Virtual Tour (360) 0.3.11


Adding video track with subtitles in embeded youtube video in Virtual Tour


I just added an Youtube video in a Virtual Tour scene usig the scene editor. In Accessibility tab > Add video track with Subtitles kind selected, I set srclang to to ro (from romanian) and I uploaded a standard .vtt file.  However, the translation is not showing.

Can you help me ?

Thank you !

Virtual Tour - Play only audio from a YouTube video

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I like the Virtual Tour activity. If I want to add audio I can't only play the audio connected to a YouTube video. At least, I haven't figured this out yet. I think it would be a nice addition to just play audio form a YouTube link when usinf the insert audio button.


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