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Ability to add code snippets in the editors for programming courses

I love H5P, but for what we do the editors are often big limitations for what we can do inside the content types. It's been mentioned before but if we could edit the source HTML in the editor (switch views to HTML) that would be amazing for our use case, and really open up what we can do.

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H5P Mods no longer working after update


I am using H5P on Wordpress 5.9.6 in combination with the H5P Mods plugin to tweek some css.

I updated H5P 1.10.0 to 1.10.2 and from that moment on the css tweeks are no longer active (I did not chage the location or name of the custom-h5p-styling.css file). I use Firefox and Chrome, both show the same problem.

Also re-installing H5P 1.10.0 does not reactivate the css tweeks. I see on the page of a H5P exercise that the file custom-h5p-styling.css is loaded (