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H5p Nodejs installation


First of all I want to think the community for this great project.

Second, I found this H5p client enabling installation of the app in a Node environment (instead of PHP).
As I'm a bit noob and not really a developer, I didn't know how to use it. My specific question is regarding the h5p-content/blanks folder. I want to know what goes there exactly to be able to run the app server?

h5p-iframe-wrapper issue


I am using wplms and all of a sudden (no plugin installed) I faced the following issue...

1. Steps to recreate the bug: When I am exploring the units within the started course, h5p content is not loading BUT if I refresh the page, viola! It is loading the content.

2. Platform you're using: WordPress 5.4

3. Mobile or Desktop: both

4. Browser: Chrome, Maxthon

5. H5P plugin version: 1.15.0

6. H5P content type version: Interactive Video (1.21.8)

7. screenshots attached

Reload H5P after changing display from none to block

Dear H5P experts,

on a webpage I'm wrapping a H5P inside a <div>. The <div> has style="display:none". I.e. when the page loads, the <div> (and thus the contained H5P) is not displayed. So far, so good.

Now, on the webpage I have a button, which (when clicked) changes the style of the surrounding <div> to style="display:block". I.e. clicking the button makes the <div> visible.