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H5P content not displaying correctly in Totara


I am using this code {h5p:whatever} to link the H5P activtity into a Totara activity like a book or lesson, except the totara lesson or book window does not expand to display all of the H5P content.  Does anyone have a fix for this?  It is all content types - attached are three examples; multiple choice, summary and drag and drop (images)



h5p plugin for Wordpress is not tested for acctual wordpress version 5.4.1 -is it safe to use?

Hi, i am usiung h5p plugin for wordpress and the actual wordpress-version 5.4.1 reports in the plugin list:
compatible until 5.3.3
this plugin is untested for your version of wordpress.

Question 1: Is is unsafe to use h5p on the current wordpress 5.4.1?

Question 2: Or do I have migrate back (all the other plugins, theme-development, ...) to the last compatible 5.3.3 Version?

Not all content types are available anymore?

I have a free account for just over a year and until recently all of the existing content types were available when creating new content.

Back in about a week when I select Create New Content only 13 content types are available! I wonder if this is a new restriction on a free account or is it a matter of editing these content types and therefore they aren't available at the moment? If this is a restriction, I think it would be nice if a notice was posted on the web page or something like that ...

Thanks in advance

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