Single Choice Set

Bug in upgrading library (drupal)


When I try to upgrade old content instances to the newer library versions, the system keeps loading and doesn't upgrade a single instance. 

When I try to open an instance that's made with the old library, it doesn't appear anymore. This happens with 'course presentation' and 'single choice set'.

When I make a new instance it works perfectly with the new library.

Can somebody help me? Thanks in advance!

Can't replace h5p content

Hello, first of all, thanks for this amazing plugin. I will try to do my best with english language for you to understand my problem.

I would like to translate some lines as "Retry", "Show solution" etc from french to russian, in different contents. I tried to do this with the content "Single Choice Set", so I downladed this content from your site, and I changed some lines in the fr.json which is in the H5P.SingleChoiceSet-1.8/language directory with JSON Editor Online.