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H5p Dialog Card, Audio not working after first round

Hi everyone !

I have an issue regarding dialog cards activity in repetition mode. I have sound and image on the front of the card, and text with the same image on the back.
After starting the second round, i can not click the audio buton anymore, nothing happen. So I can not repeat the sound after the first round.

Iam on Moodle 3.5.2, with H5p 1.19.1 and dialog cards 1.7.7, the issue occured on laptop, and yet i didnt try it on Mobile.
The issue occurs on Safari and Chrome, the two that I have tested.

Enbedded h5p:

How to prevent several audios from playing at the same time?

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I am currently working on the Dialog Cards - Audio in the Answer Feature request. In my "papi Jo" fork, the Dialog Cards activity features a "Match" mode with front & back card sides displayed side by side. If both front & back cards have an audio attached to them, 2 audio players are displayed. I would like to prevent the end-user from clicking in quick succession on both players, or rather, if one audio is playing, clicking on the other one should stop the first one.