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Toggle wysiwyg / code view in Editor

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I would like to request an improvement feature to the text editor used in H5P activities.

This would we a Code View option, just like that found in the default Moodle Atto Text Editor. 

TinyMCE editor also has this option.

Having the ability to Toggle between wysiwyg and source code view is invaluable in my experience. I've used Moodle for more than 10 years and I've lost count of the number of times this capability has saved my bacon.

Go to Next Slide / Go To Previous Slide in Course Presentations

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Hi there! 

Just thought this would make life a lot easier.

Basically, it's just a request in course presentations in the 'Go to Slide' functionality to have a dropdown menu in which you could select a 'Go to next slide' and 'Go to previous slide'. This would eliminate having to correct other slides that occur after an inserted slide. Would certainly save a lot of time. Don't know if others would find this useful.

Many thanks!


H5P File Won't Upload on WP - Missing Files? Hmmm...

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Hi there!

Love H5P! 

Today I'm having an issue with uploading an h5p to my WP site.

Basically, I'm looking to break one big H5P file (a course presentation) up into 2 smaller h5p files. I want to do this by downloading the original big file, then re-uploading under a different name, then once re-uploaded go in and delete the slides I don't want to make it smaller.

However, I've encountered the below problem on both Safari and Chrome and even on different WP websites! I'm running the latest release on Feb. 14, too.

Here it is: