Course Presentation

Disabling the "Share on twitter link" in the summary slide (Moodle)


First of all I wanted to express my gratitude for putting so much work on the Moodle plugin of H5P, it has made my work much easier and the courses much more interesting! 

I wanted to know if there was a way to disable or hide the link for sharing the results of a course presentation activity on twitter (on the summary slide). 

Thank you for your time!


Request for fancy magic

We have a lot of users that go thru a course presentation but don't go right to the end and hit the summary slide. They are in a limbo state that shows them as not having completed the course presentation, but actually they have, sort of. They've answered all the questions, watched all the videos, accessed all the slides, but not the summary slide. As we all know, it's on the summary slide where h5p fires the completion event and spits out the final score, etc via xAPI.

Colapsable text in course presentation

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I'm trying to put some text in a collapsable way (like accordion activity) inside a Course Prentation activity, I know that html in text is not already supported so I didn't find any solution.

The idea es show an audio to the student and put the audio text in a collapsable link, just in case they want to read it. The audio is to long to put visible the complete text.

Dialog Cards could be a provisional solution, but not an option.

If some one could give me a hint on how to achieve this I'll be very thankful!