Course Presentation

Updated Libraries, Upgraded Content and Now I cannot save

I updated my Drupal instance's h5p libraries and upgraded content and now I cannot save edits.  I was using official-h5p-release-20160802 along with updates to course-presentation, and a couple of other libraries.  All was working great before I updated the interactive video and video libraries to the latest to correct the iphone 7 full screen issue.  Worked great locally, could view content, full screen issue was corrected.  We later noticed as we neared production that after converting content we could no longer edit and save.

Course Presentation Tool

Hello!  I've created a Course Presentation tool to test the feasibility of using the text input and export feature for a project I'm working on currently.  In the behavioral settings of this tool, it seems like it's possible to prevent the "Show Solutions" and "Retry" button from showing on this particular content that I'm creating.  I have made the appropriate selections in that menu and saved.  However, when I go back in and view the tool, these buttons are still displaying.  Is there something I'm missing or is this a bug?