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Invalid library for Interactive video (Wordpress)


After last two updates of H5P WP plugin (current version is 1.7.12) & interactive video lib update (current version 1.15.0) when I try to create new interactive video I get the error message "Invalid library." when I click "Create" button. I'm trying to create interactive video from mp4 file - no tasks, no summary, just video. The interactive video with exactly the same mp4 file works well (was created in previus versions of plugin&lib).

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end time in interactive video


I've seen there's the possibility to set the start time of a video, but I was wondering if it's possible to set the end time as well...anyone knows?

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H5P xAPI Issues


I have H5P on Drupal Hooked up to Learning Locker (LL) using the TinCan Bridge.

The statements are showing up in LL but I am getting a mix of Annonymous and Identified statements when playing Interactive Video content

Here is a list of statements that shows up when I view and play the Interactive Video and answer a question in it and scrub to the end of the video.

Note the mix of "Annonymous" & "Damien Murphy" statements even though I am the only person doing this.