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As a content creator, I want to set the height and width of the memory game player area in Moodle


As a content creator, I would like to set the height and width of the memory game player area in Moodle. 

Currently in the Moodle plugin of H5P, it is not possible to easily set the size of the play area of a memory game. In some themes this can lead to a truncation of the play area. I have attached an image labelled truncated_play_area.png. It shows what the memory game with 12 cards looks on a 1920x1080 resolution monitor. This image was taken in Chrome at the normal 100% zoom. 

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Issues since upgraded h5p

Hi Guys,

Since upgrading, I've noted that some elements do not show on mobile/ tablets. For example in the attached file there are two interactive presentations missing. They show up fine on desktop (both Chrome and Safari).

In addition, the memory game doesn't function properly. When clicked, and the option is the incorrect one, it remains open. Users can't play that game from their mobile. The actual page is here:

Any suggestions on how to fix these would be appreciated.



Memory Game "matched" thumbnails not showing in FireFox

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Hi there,

Title says it all. I am attaching 2 screenshots taken from this site's demo page at: that show the problem. Display is OK in Chrome and MS Edge browsers, but not as expected in FF.

BTW, in FireFox the text "A free HTML5-based memory game content type allowing authors etc." at the top of the memory cards is not even displayed. Most strange!

PS It is not clear if bug reports should be created in the H5P forums or attached as comments to an H5P activity.