Error while saving data


Hello Guys,

I am stuck with a problem using H5P plugin. I have created a survey quiz in my site using H5P. But when I am taking that quiz, there is no data showing in the 'My results' section afterwards. I am assuming that is happening because I am getting alert message for error once I finish the quiz. I am sharing screenshot of the error. It will be really helpful if anyone can share a solution. It's urgent and any help would be appreciated.


Console error:

Unable to save xAPI statement

xapi post error




Questionnaire responses in the LRS (learning locker)

We're creating pre and post surveys (using the questionnaire) for a course presentation to see how user's confidence of the subject changes.

We've successfully connected our Opigno LMS (7.x-1.17) to our LRS (learning locker) and are receiving statements just fine about the completion of the questionnaire, but the actual reponses to the questions aren't available.

All that is reported in the 'result' array is:

Student access to own responses in Moodle

Newbie here. I'm looking to use one of the text input types to collect periodic "reflections" on what students feel they've learned. Via gradebook, the teacher can view the responses but I can't figure how students can see their own previous responses. It would be ideal to view as a journal, for the teacher too.

Thanks for a great tool