HELP!! Is there any developer who would be willing to assist with programming changes to H5P for a massive non-profit project

I am working on a project (LinkedInSpirity.Net) to link people across the world, by asking (not telling) who they are, how they define their inner self etc.

The problem is that H5P is set up primarily as a teaching tool, and I wish to use the questionnaire as a way of understanding and connecting people.

Attached is an example questionnaire.

This is a voluntary project, without payment, that I would love to have an experienced programmer donate some time to.

Activate Content Types

H5P is installed in Moodle at my institution, and for some reason, many of the content types are not activated. Could someone help with that?

The content types that are not activated (read: grayed out):

  • Arithmetic Quiz
  • Speak the Words
  • Personality Quiz
  • Questionnaire
  • Find Multiple Hotspots
  • Image Juxtaposition
  • Agamotto (Image Blender)

I have no idea why they would not be activated.

Problem with W3 Total Cache and CDN video delivery

I am trying to add H5P interactivity to several long videos (30 minutes and longer) which are stored in the cloud and delivered through a CDN. To connect the CDN to WordPress, I need to use W3 Total Cache. But I have found that when I use W3 Total Cache, the H5P shortcodes don't work on my posts.  When I de-activate W3 Total Cache, H5P works fine.  

Can anyone make a suggestion? Is there an alternative to W3 Total Cache? It would be a shame if I need to choose between showing the videos and using H5P interactivity!