Version of TimelineJS

I am using H5P within Wordpress and specifically the Timeline content type, which is based on TimelineJS. The H5P Plugin for Wordpress shows me a version of 1.1.1 for the included TimelineJS library. Is that the "real" TImelineJS version or some internal number? Because in the Github project for TimelineJS it starts with v2.10 from 2012 - surely the verison used by H5P is newer than that?

Timeline Media Types Supported: Only YouTube URLs Work

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I am helping support a faculty member trying to get media assets in the Timeline content to work. The label on the field and the documentation are not exactly clear when it states:

URL to the media (Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Wikipedia, Google Maps and SoundCloud are currently supported).

The History of Strawberry examples provided use links to media assetts (direct URL to an image file) in Wikimedia Commons alone.