Timeline: Line pointing on today's date

Dear h5p,

I love the timeline. I use it to create lesson plans and what needs to happen by when. Which is why it would be great when past events would not be shown in the timeline, or at least when the cursor (the line in the timeline) would move along with the current date.

Is adding such a feature being considerated?

Thank you for all your work!

Kind regards,


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Timeline - Where does Era body text appear, and another question...

Hi, I just started messing around with the timeline. I added an Era, and some body text but I dont' see that body text appearing anywhere. Where would I see such text?

Another question. If I use Flickr for the source of my images, when I click on the image, it goes to Flickr. Is there any way to have the full size of that image just appear in a modal popup box instead of sending someone off my site to Flickr?


Embedded Timeline in Moodle 3.4 - Bodytext does not display when click on Headline


First H5P is brilliant and as an educational designer it is one of the best suite of tools I have found, so Thank You.

Steps in production:

Created Timeline in Moodle (v3.4 & we have added the plugin v 1.5), then made available but not shown on course page (Moodle - Common Module Settings). Copied the embed code and pasted into a different moodle page (on the same site) via the HTML of the WYSIWYG.

Tested across Firefox v59 & Chrome v65 issue is on both