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Greetings All,

A number of academics within my institution have noted limitations with the H5P Drag and Drop point scoring system.

As I have read the Drag and Drop tool awards a point for every Draggable item that is placed in the correct Drop Zone, and deducts a point for every Draggable that is placed in an incorrect Drop Zone.

The issue many academics are facing is that they expect that some points to be awarded for the correct Drop Zones, but because the point scoring system is deducting points and awarding points, they are becoming confused and sometimes frustrated.

Example: A Drag and Drop object with 4 drop zones - a student gets two Drop Zones correct, but puts the third and fourth Draggables in the incorrect Drop Zones - the score is 0, even though 2 answers were correct.

The context around this issue in my institution is that academics are been encouraged (and in some cases indentured) to shift their Learning & Teaching methods to an online interactive model. It is becoming hard to sustain their enthusiasm and patience with the new technology when they encounter inflexibilities like this.

I believe an update for the Drag and Drop H5P object scoring system (and perhaps other H5P Learning Object point scoring systems) that provides greater flexibility in the ways users can adjust the awarding of points would make it easier for someone in my position to champion H5P and encourage it's use.


Thank you kindly (:

Raine Phoenix


Redo Point Scoring
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Hi Raine, thanks for your feedback.

If there's anything that's causing frustration with H5P, a fix should come out as soon as possible. I'll float the idea to the rest of the Core Team and post back in this forum.

In the meantime, if any developers from the community wish to pick this up that would be great too. 

- Tim 

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It appears that papi jo has made a code contribution that handles this:


I'll keep you posted on whether we can make it available in the next release. 


Yes, the option to remove negative marking would be greatly appreciated at The University of Southampton as well...

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alexfurr & raine, 

I've merged in papi jo's contribution that allows negative point scoring to be turned off. It should be part of the next release which will hopefully be out next week. 

- Tim