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Once again, a big fan of H5P here....

I am creating an interactive video.  Before adding interactivity, the video had background music to add engagement.

After adding interactive elements, the music cuts out before each one, and continues after each is completed.  It is a bit abrupt, and would be more slick/natural/pleasing if the audio faded out .5 seconds or so before an interactive element, and faded back in .5 seconds after.  I am not sure how difficult this is to implement, but just a request.  Note, I decided to turn off the audio altogether because it cuts, out, but received feedback from others that audio would be cool, and another colleague mentioned the same idea independently, that fade out / fade in would be cool   

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Fade out sound (background music)
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Hi Avi,

It's a good suggestion, and it's probably not very difficult to acheive it technically, since we can control the volume of the video.

- Tom