Flashcards in Columns


I was wondering if it would be possible to have flashcards in the Column format. I think it would be very useful.



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Thanks for the suggestion Ashely. It may be something that could be added in the future if enough users ask for it.

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Why wouldn't you just have one Question Set, with all the question types available in Column (26 vs 6), and then add the ability to have an image in the Fill in the Blank type? That'd be the flashcard of choice.

Then we'd have the functionality of a flashcard question type, but with all the wonderful Behavioral Settings and the Gold Star too.

The fact that my most used and last used question types (in Question Set (Quiz)) gets sticky in the Hub is SUPER great, btw.

How difficult would it be to give us the option of selecting the question types we want to see in our drop down menu at the root level of the question set? And then have the sticky feature in the drop down menu too?

An option to add to Question Set dropdown menu, in each hub level question type (not including the Question Set/Column), contextualized by its tutorial, seems like it would be rocking clean.

Ya don't know, if ya don't ask.



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That's a lot of great ideas and I think most of them should be achievable. However, in order to keep track of them and make sure they get support from others as well you should create a feature request for each idea. This way they can be prioritized and reach the right people.

Thank you for sharing!