image hot spot

Is it possible to create muptiple hot spots on an image, and on selecting a hot spot you are given a multiple choice of either A or B. 

I know there is a multiple choice section, but can I use that as a selection in the ' TEXT, VIDEO, IMAGE '

I would appreciate any feedback, thanks 

Image Hotspots
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Yes, it is possible to create multiple hotspots on an image.
Do you mean getting a multiple choice up when you click the hotspot, then depending on your answer you will be displayed different information. If so this is not possible. However it is possible to include multiple media/text/image instances within one hotspot.

Hi, yes I did mean getting a multiple choice up and depending on you answer you will be displayed different information. Do you know if it is possible to amend the software to accomodate, for example when creating the hot spot, once the location is chosen, then it switches to a custom screen where such a set up could be created ? excuse my stupidity , 

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Hi, This is currently not possible. The software could indeed be changed to allow for this. Your best chance for getting this implemented is to create a post in the "feature request" forum, where you could argue for why this is a good, useful feature together with providing some use-cases for it. This could convince a developer to take on the task.
No questions are stupid, I think it's a good idea if the implementation and user experience is well thought through :)