Speak the Words in Question sets / Multiple words as sets

As a language teacher, I really love the new Speak the Words content type, but I have got a feature request which will make the content type even more useful.

New vocabulary is usually taught an learned in units or sections, which means that learners learn a group of new words and not just one word at a time. Currently, I can only ask for one word of phrase. This means that if students should learn a set of 10 new words, I will have to create 10 individual h5ps, each including the single new vocab ...

I would like to be able to create whole set of all the new words the students should learn.

This could be implemented if Speak the Words was an option in the question set content type. Here, if the students have to learn the 10 new words from "Unit 5", I can create a set with 10 "Speak the Words" questions.

Speak the Words in Question set
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Thank you for your suggestion, it would definitely be useful to group together multiple "Speak the Words" content.

Having just tried Speak the Words, the first thing I wanted to do was integrate it on the same page as where my set of spoken and visual (ESL) Dialog Cards reside. Then you got a robust mixture of reading, listening, and talking. Of course visitors able to author their own sets and easily share them around would be way cool too... Nice work!

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Yes, as a Mandarin teacher I agree 100%. Words are usually taught in groups under a unifying topic. So, it would be highly useful if you could create a series of different vocab words/phrases for students to practice saying.

Integration into:

Dialog cards, course presentations, question sets, and even possibly interactive videos would be awesome.

Not sure the technical requirements for this, but as a teacher this is the natural progression to get maximum benefit out of 'Speak the Words.' Currently, due to this lack of functionality, I feel it's still not reaching its potential for what has been invested in it.

Love H5P! 'Speak the Words' is an awesome addition and I really look forward to seeing what can be further progressed here.

If you agree, please comment below! Really hope this could gain traction for priority in further updates!


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Thank you everyone for the detailed description. It will be cool to have this feature in future.


This is a really cool suggestion a work around this is to use it in column or course presentation...I'm using it in columns....

I'm missing something but I don't think "speak the word" works with the "column" item, does it?

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You are right jgarate, 'Speak the words' is not included in 'Column'. Although there have been some discussions to include most if not all content types in column and course presentation.


I also request that "Speak the words" can be integrated either in "Questions sets" or "Column" as this would open up many opportunities.

A few things I can think about are:

  • describe parts of a picture,
  • fill in a dialogue:
    with patterns like written prompt - spoken answer
    or spoken promt - spoken answer,
  • answer reading comprehension questions orally or react to a video.

It will also make it possible to scaffold the answer of a student. First the answer is given orally, then it needs to be written.

For the future, the "Speak the Words" functionality could be added to the "Cloze" question type which would allow for even more flexible use of the technology behind it. This could also be beneficial for learners who are not proficient in typing.

H5P is great and can even become greater!

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Hi Guys,

Well, on my nightly walk I thought about this little work around. It requires Adobe Captivate or similar slide creator...

But essentially I just embedded 'Speak the Words' into the Captivate file, then linked the file to the H5P iFrame content type. I use a random slide script to make it all run...

Here it is:


Hope that inspires others.


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Hi febster,

This is a great idea thanks for sharing.


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If we can have speak the words in columns / question sets I can see myself investing a lot of time in it.

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This has been discussed in many channels. I think we're leaning towards creating a new content type for collecting Speak the Words. The reason is the limited browser support - any content type using Speak the Words would get the same limited browser support. No matter how clearly we state that Speak the Words has limited browser support there will be authors who mistakenly put it into a scored question set for instance, and students who don't use Chrome won't be able to obtain the maximum score.

Hopefully, more browsers will support speech recognition soon so that we may add Speak the Words everywhere.

I'm trying to generate Speak the Words Questions Sets automatically from a vocabulary list because I don't want to type them all in by hand.

That's why I inspected the contents of a H5P file. For each item there seems to be a subContentId. Where can I found out how that ID is generated?

Once that problem is solved it should be able to hack content.json file and by replacing it create any number of question sets.

This would greatly help me - at least until the activity offers a possibility to enter whole lists at once.

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Sub content id is generated using UUIDv4, you can see the H5P implementation in H5P.createUUID. It is basically just a id to identify the sub content uniquely.
I would love to see how your tool turns out when you've hacked it together, I'm sure many others would like to see it as well if you shared it :)

In language teaching, an image option in question description could be very useful. at the very begining of learning a new word, the first two elements most likely would be image and its pronunciation, see the image then speak it out.

I'm preparing activities for non-readers, so letting them see an image and say the word would be a great way to see what they've learned.

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I have added the embed code from H5P into a post on our Wordpress site.  The embedded activity displays and the recording appears to activate...but then it hangs in "Listening" mode.  Is it something that's happening in our Wordpress install that's preventing this from working?  

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Hi grackle!

Could you please open the development console (usually by pressing F12) and check it for errors? I assume you will see some message pointing you to some server related issues.