Crossing off items

It would be great to have a type of feature to be able to place an "X" over set places in an image. For example, the user needs to search for different items in their surroundings and then be able to "X" out or cross it off of the board or page made with those items on it. I am attaching an example of what is to be a travel bingo game board that I would like the user to be able to place an "X" over an item after they have found it.

If there is anything that could be used to do this that is already created, I would love to hear how that can be done! I have tried a few things, but have not succeeded!

Cross out areas on image
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Hi ssnavely, I think this would be a great new content type. Maybe a developer from the community will create it :) 

That is what I am hoping for. At one point in time I would have done that myself, but it has been a couple of years since I have done any programming other than minor edits and think that it would take me forever! Can anyone assist? Thank you in advance!!

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Hi ssnavely!

If you dare to get into programming again, I'll gladly assist you with building your first H5P content type. Here's your boilerplate :-)



Ok....will give it a go! Won't have time to get down and dirty until next week, though! Thank you!

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No need to hurry :-) Take your time.

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If you publish your code on Github, it's easy for the H5P community to read and test your code. And you can get feedback, and help on the things you have created.

Best of luck!

- Tom

I have not forotten this!! Have not had a spare moment to work on this, but I WILL get there!

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No need for rushing :-)

I was starting this using Dreamweaver. I am not sure I am using the boilerplate correctly! I know I need to upload my background image(s), plural for when I get the random background-image function set...Sorry if I messed up anything you had going already. I wasn't sure if I should start a new branch, but then I thought that would only be done on an exiting project. Correct me please if I am not usin this correctly or if I need to start my own repository!


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Hi Susan!

Just create your own repository and set it up with the contents of 'boilerplate'. It's just intended to give you all the usual stuff that you need for a new content type without starting from scratch.

I have completed this and have it working on my website. I just did it using Dreamweaver as my IDE. haven't had the time to look onto getting it on here. I even have a function to put in random backgrounds of the different boards I created and a reset...but will get to placing on here when i have the time to!