Truncated words in answer options on Chrome


I develop content here on, not in any embedded plugin. I just noticed that when an answer option for a multiple-choice question spans more than one line, a part of the last word on a line is likely to be chopped or truncated. This is a problem only in Chrome, not in Firefox. I am using up-to-date versions of both browsers on Windows. I have attached screenshots.

Would it be possible to fix this?



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Hi Ravi,

This is an odd issue and I am unable to replicate it. Can you replicate this everytime? Can you please share the link of the content so that I can check it on my local machine. Lastly can you check if the content here that I created will have the problem on your side.


Thanks for the quick reply :) The content you've created looks fine on Chrome. I realised the problem could be because of the lack of the 'box' in my content. When the 'display buttons' option is not checked, the content appears without a box. When it is checked, the content is in a box and the download and embed links are at the bottom. I just edited my content to turn on 'display buttons' and now it's fine! I've attached screenshots below.

I guess the trick is to always keep the 'display buttons' box checked even if the author does not actually want to display any of the buttons (the further button options can be left unchecked).

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Hi ravim,

It's good to hear that it's already working for you and good catch on the differences between our settings.