content unavailable on moodle page if not logged in h5p


I embedded the content of this presentation in a moodle page but it is visible to me only and if/when I am logged in h5p website. When I log out it appears "content unavailable"


Could you please help on this?

Thank you


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The H5P content is manually moderated, so it may take some time from when you've created content until it is publicly available.
I have published your content now, so it should be visible for everyone.

Hey thomasmars,

I have the same situation with the followinginteractiv video.

How much time does it take to make a interactive video availabel, usalay?

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It normally takes less than a day. Note that content is only meant for demoing purposes, if you wish to deliver live content to your users in a reliable way you should consider using (our SaaS) or host the H5P plugin on your own website ( ).

Hi, can you please publish also ths node? thank you

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Hi tagliati,

I'm afraid we do not republish contents anymore. Please note that is only for trying out the tool, and at the moment we have a quite aggressive spam filter enabled. You could go to the getting started page to learn how to get started with H5P if they are done trying it out on or sign up for a subscription