Interactive Video unable to use YouTube links that hide ads

  1. Tried to imput a link to a YouTube video into an Interactive Video, the adds still played. I was able to add questions to the video. However, when I downloaded the H5P and then uploaded it to Moodle, the H5P on Moodle wouldn't playback the video and showed an error of random letters.
    For example:
  2. Error message if any: none on H5P
  3. Platform you're using: and Moodle
  4. Mobile or Desktop: desktop
  5. Browser: Chrome
  6. H5P plugin version: not sure, not the latest version of Moodle or H5P plugin;  I teach at a school that uses it, we as teachers do not have the option to upgrade anything.
  7. H5P content type version: Interactive Video

Short story long: I want to be abel to use YouTube videos without the banner adds playing overtop; as a teacher it's always a preference not to show advertising to students, especially when it's not possible to know what ads will be seen by them because each student might see something different. 

Question: Is there a way to use the embed link to a YouTube video, or a way to set ads to be hidden on Interactive Videos on H5P?


At this point, a few people have provided answers that basically say "no, not possible" and also answers to several questions. Thanks for everyone's help.

Content types: 

I'm also intersested for the same reasons. Showing ads to kids is so disagreeable but also increases course exiting risks - one click and they are out. 

I did note however that youtube has improved its embedding function, where we can stop other videos form being suggested at the end. I tested that in class once, before this feature, and quite a few students went out of the site and on to other suggested videos! Normal for kids but it is better to limit their options.

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Unfortunately,he only way I've been able to hide ads on my Interactive Videos is to install AdBlocker. 

This is not a solution and does not work as a "work around" for schools where students are not allowed to install anything.

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You could download the videos using one of the many tools for that purpose and provide the videos on your schools (closed?) system, but that may be illegal depending on the country that you live in.

Thanks otacke but even if that is not illegal, it's not what I'm asking about. I'm not asking how to share a video file with students; I'm asking how to get the H5P player to hide the banner ads that play on some YouTube videos.

Also, downloading someone elses content then reuploading it myself wouldn't be professional or polite to the content creator. This might be different if I was looking to just show the video in a classroom offline and worried about buffering time, but that's not the case. I also don't think that would even be usign H5P's Interactive Video, so I wouldn't have asked about that here.

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I was fully aware of the "impoliteness" of my suggestion, but what would be the difference to your wish then? The original author won't benefit from monetization either way.

My question was: is there a way to hide banner ads that dislay during an H5P Interactive Video?

It seems your answer to my question is: no, there isn't a way to do that as far as you know.

My confusion was how sharing a downloaded copy would at all relate to using the H5P Interactive Video. The reason I want to use the H5P Interactive Video is so that students will get some assessment of their comperhension while they watch the video. I apologize if my question was not clear in my origional post.

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Aaron, I am very sorry for not expressing my thoughts clearly.

You're right. There's no way you can deactivate the ads from within H5P, and Google's interface that allows interacting with videos on YouTube doesn't offer that option, so you would have to come up with a workaround. That's what AdBlockers do.

My suggestion is nothing but a technical workaround, too. With H5P you cannot only use videos from YouTube, but from any other source as long as it gives you direct access to the file. So, you what you could do is to download the video from YouTube that you want to use -- which then will not contain any ads. Afterwards, you can upload it to your own server from within the H5P editor, or you could host it somewhere else and use a direct link such as instead of a link to a YouTube video. But: this may not be legal.

However, in any case, you will be facing the moral dilemma of cutting of the copyright holder (and YouTube) from the revenue that he/she wanted to make from monetizing the videos with ads.

Of course, there could also be a social workaround: You could just ask the copyright holder if he/she could deactivate the ads or if you could get permission to create a copy of his/her work and provide it on YouTube (or on your local closed system) yourself without ads. Depending of the number of videos that we're talking about that may be tedious, though.

Yes, for one or two videos that might work if it's okay with the developer but for more than that it would get tedious. Thanks again!

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Trying to remove the ads from a youtube video might get you into legal problems. The same goes for downloading the video using some tool. This is clearly not allowed if you look at YouTube's terms. I urge everyone here in the community not to encourage anyone to break these terms! In the long run, that could backfire on H5P.

As far as I am aware, according to YouTube terms of use, education is an exception and you can use any public video for educational purposes, as long as you don't make money directly off of video content that you do not own.

The H5P Interactive Video player already has a place to provide proper citation for any content used that we did not make ourselves. I'm not sure how hiding an ad would "back fire" if it is done for an educational setting and still follows YouTube's terms of use. If the terms specify that banner ads must remain on the video, then that provides a reason for a "no, not possible" answer to my question.

Thank you for the answer to my question and the insight into why the option to hide ads in H5P Interactive Videos is not possible.

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If I'm not mistaken, the ads that are shown on YouTube videos are controlled by the publisher of the video. You cannot turn off the ads for other peoples video as they're a way of charging each viewer for seeing their video. However, if you publish videos your self and would not like to "charge" people for watching you should be able to control the ads using video license and probably other settings.

Please note that this is all YouTube and not really related to H5P. There is no way for H5P to manipulate or control ads in the video stream. You would probably get better clarification/answers to how and why the ads are there in another forum. 

The answer you gave to my question seems to be about how ads work on YouTube. I did not ask How do ads work on YouTube? or If I upload my own video to YouTube, can I turn them off? My questions was about the settings within the H5P Interactive Video player.

To clarify my question: Is it possible to hide the banner ads YouTube videos within the H5P Interactive Video player, for use in an educational setting?

My reason for the question: As an educator, it is prefered not to have unpredictable ads shown to students. Sometimes ads can be inappropriate for an educational setting, or for a student's age. It should go without saying that proper citation would always be given to a content creator, this would be as true for video as for any other material given to students as part of a class. 

As far as I am aware, according to YouTube terms of use, education is an exception and you can use any public video for educational purposes, as long as you don't make money directly off of video content that you do not own.



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Is it possible to hide the banner ads YouTube videos within the H5P Interactive Video player, for use in an educational setting?

No, it is not. As I wrote earlier, it is not technically possible to do that. H5P is using the YouTube player for playing YouTube videos, so it is out of our hands.



Yes, I understood that from your first two answers. Thanks.