Disable retry for the whole question set

It would be great if we could disable the retry button for the entire question set, not just the questions inside. We would like to provide users with a single attempt at solving the problems. 

Disable Retry option for whole question set.
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Hi mqilday,

Good point! Thanks for the suggestion.

- Tom

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Yes, please!

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Please! :)

Can I just add my support for this feature request?  We have just implemmented H5P in an academic environment (based on Moodle) and many users were excited about using the H5P Quiz.  No being able to set a numerical limit on the Retry option will prevent many of our users from creating H5P quizzes.

I totally agree with this as well.

Setting a limit of attempt for the user is also crucial when you want to set up a test a little more serious (and fulfill accreditation contexts for example)

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Absolutely! I am looking at a single retry for each question or no retry, but unlimited retries defeats the purpose of the quiz.

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Recently I tried Question set for young kids quiz and realised I can not restrict number of attempts. So please give option to limit number of attempts. I am using in Moodle environment.

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Please, Please give the option to limit the number of attempts in question set.

Please tell me, is there any restriction on attempts.

Refreshing Page brings again all question to user in wordpress. any solution ?


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Hi vitthal79,

The only way to limit attempts is to turn on "Save content state" this limits the attempt to just one (except for contents with retry option).


Not only would it be good to limit the attempts, but also to have a record of the results obtained in all attempts. It would be a great help to track users.

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Hi aguinagadan!

You can do that in detail already using the xAPI interface.


So, is it posible now to limit the number of attempts in question set? or in any activity, actually i need to limit the number of attempts in the fill in the blanks activity.

Is there a solution already?

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Hi Veronica!

I don't think that a solution beyond the customization that aguinagadan did was on the table.



Was this ever solved?

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Hi johnsonamy!

I bet it took you more time to dig up this thread then it would have taken you to simply take a look: Yes. You can deactivate retries on the summary screen.




I would love a more explicit explanation of how to disable the retry button for a whole question set.  I can't find any way to do that.




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Hi Kristen,


The easiest way is to use a PHP hook, to add your own CSS-file to the content type. Please visit the Visual Changes page for more details.



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I think the easiest way is to open the editor of Question Set, go to the settings for the result page that is shown when the quiz is finished and uncheck the "Display retry button" option.

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Thanks for reminding me. I keep forgetting this option :-(

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It's easy to miss because of the weird editor behavior, cmp. https://github.com/h5p/h5p-editor-php-library/issues/134 (still no reply there).