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We have a problem with the content types.
We have a liveserver and a testserver, we use git to sync the projects on the servers, but moodledata is NOT included in the sync, due to the size of the data. We do our development on local invioment, and sync from the servers- not including moodledata bacause of its size.

When we test on the local invioment, we cant use some h5p content types, an i guess its because they are in the Moodledata folder. But we cant reinstall them. And h5p sees it as if they are installed.

Is there somewhere we can download the single content types - like memory game - and reinstall it on the dev envioment so we can run tests. - If we have to make changes in the local database to get hvp to reinstall its content type, can you please make us some kind of guid, so we dont break the whole plugin.

Kind regards

Henrik Sune Pedersen

Problems with content types example memory game
Content types: 
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Hi Henrik, 

The fastest way to do this is to download the sample contents from If you have multiple contents missing I suggest that you download Course Presentation and Column since they bring multiple libraries with them. 

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Hi BV52

If we download it from github, and install it in the plugin library, it shows an error "Invalid language file .en.json in library h5p-column-master".

tryed with column.

How do we install it, when downloaded from github.

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Hi Henrik!

The github repositories contain some additional files that are not part of the h5p specification. The .en.json file, for example, is intended to be a template when translation content types.

You can use the h5p-cli tool and it's command "pack" to build a valid h5p file from the repositories. Please note, that in some cases this may also require to run a build process first (described in the repository's readme).