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G'day !

Thank you for this great tool, it is now super easy to create and share activities online !

At Alliance Française de La Haye we have been using H5P for over a year and so far we have created about 80 activities (related to french).

All these activities can be downloaded, modified (and soon integrated).

Please check this URL : https://moodle.aflahaye.nl/exercices

Feel free to share some more :)

French exercises - FLE
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Nice work and a very elegant website I would say :-)

Je vous remercie

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Very nice :)

Nice work. I love especially the presentation of the activities. 

Have you used a label?

How can your activities be downloaded?


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That's great!  Well done!  Where is the download link for this activity or other activities?

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Hello @timothyvail,

I see that you are using the Snap theme. I like it. I have just installed it and looking forward to building content in it.

Just a question with that page you shared. Can I get access to those example exercies if i create an account?



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Hi everyone, for some reason about 2 months ago H5P stopped working on our OVH server.

We are migrating our server in the coming days, everything should be ready to work by monday 05/03

If you create an account you will (by the 05/03) be able to embed the content, if you decide to create and share content via our platform you will be granted a special access which you will give you access to the download link.

Looking forward to see your creations :) 

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hi, I just install moodle in my OVH hosted server but seems that I'm having some problems to visualize the content of any activity. I just read your message and want to know if you had the same problem. Thank for your help! 

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We had the same problem, we upgrade to a VPS and the problem disappeared. Unfortunately we never got around the issue with the shared hosting.


thanks, that helps me to stop looking the problem on my install. I think withthe shared plan, the resources are limited an so when json tries to execute that doesn't have enough to perform the js request. thx!

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This is very nice work ... Thanks for sharing