Hotspot popup content: add audio

I am an ESL teacher using a picture dictionary as a textbook. The vocabulary words on the page are already labeled. I'd like students to be able to click on hotspots to hear their pronunciation.

Right now, since I can add a video but not audio to a hotspot popup, I have to do this through the following steps:

  1. Record my voice to an audio file and save it. (If I could add audio to a popup, I'd be done right here.)
  2. Import it into iMovie
  3. Search Google for an image of the word.
  4. Save the image to my computer.
  5. Import the image into iMove.
  6. Adjust the image to display for the same length of time as the the audio file.
  7. Export the movie to 540p because iMovie won't go any lower.
  8. Open Handbrake.
  9. Yada yada yada, export the video in mobile-friendly 240p with seriously degredated audio to save bandwidth.
  10.  Upload the video to Moodle.

If I could select "audio" as a content item, it would save me a heck of a lot of time. Each page in the textbook has about 30 words. It adds up.

I'd like "audio" to be a choice of content when making hotspot popups.
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try using course presentation instead of hotspot

course presentation allow you insert audio as a button which is very cool feature

you can also activate Active Surface Mode which Removes navigation controls so that course presentation could look like interactive image

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Thank you for the inpute Mohammed :-)

@richpav just what Mohammed said Course Presentation can help a lot with what you are doing. This content also combines several other contents that you will find useful.


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I mostly use course presentation due to its hability to add audio and other content types.

However, I think its important to eventually have the hotspot integrated as simple click an image interactions are impossible.

Right now, I drag and drop images that I would normally like people to simply be able to click on to select.