Random Question Orders

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Just curious if it has been considered randomising question orders. Basically, you could great a series of questions and not only have multiple choice possible answers display randomly, but also the overall sequence of the questions display randomly. This would just make the quizzes less predictable especially within 'course presentations,' and allow students re-testing to get a completely different sequence each time.

If there was just a checkbox to turn this on or off it would be great! Again loving H5P!

Also along these lines, would there be a way to limit the number of random questions spit out each time. Say I have created 10 questions, I could type in a box to spit out only 5 questions each time. This way there would be a larger 'pool' of questions which could be drawn from each time the quiz is taken while all questions are displayed in a random order.

Anyhow, I think this would be great added feature.

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Thank you for reporting on these features. This isn't something we've considered yet. It isn't on the roadmap. If you're using Drupal you may achieve some of this using H5P with the quiz module and the quiz_h5p module. There will be content types that does this for H5P as well in the future but it might take some time until we get there unless someone else develops and shares it or funds it.

I would love to see these features (randomize order of display and randomly select x number from a pool) added to the Question Set content type, too. 

"randomize order of display and randomly select x number from a pool"

As stated by spazfox, this is a major and esential feature that is completely in coherence with what h5p offer.

Please consider integrating such feature.


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Hi, this feature is going to come for the question set content type in the next release (which is being tested right now). 

Hi Timothy,

Any hint about the next release date?

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Hi, it is avaliable to test on h5p.org and we are fixing some final bugs before releasing it officially.

Thanks guys! 

Looks great! 


hi Timothy, 

Thank you for all that you do with H5P. 

I am using the WordPress plugin.  Could you tell me if there is a way to allow the student taking a Question Set to select x questions out a pool?  For instance, if they are studying for an exam with 200 questions, I might create a pool of 200 questions for them.  But when they go to practice them, they might only have time to do 25 questions in a sitting.  Is that possible or on the roadmap?


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Hi gsimo!

You can do this using the content type "Question Set", creating 200 questions and activating "Randomize Questions" and setting "Number of questions to be shown" to 25 in the options. Or did I misunderstand what you have in mind?

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What you suggest, otacke is not quite what gsimo wants. He wants the end-user to have the possibility to select the number of questions they want to answer (out of the pool of questions), not the content creator to make this decision.

I think there should be more such decisions made available to the end-user in H5P activities. This is what I have done for the dialog cards activity in my enhanced version to be seen here: http://www.rezeau.org/wp-garden/en/category/about/quizzes/

See the Find plant names and Common name to Latin name activities.

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Thanks for clearing that up!

Just wondering But is it also posible to force certain type of questions like select 20 random multiple coice and 5 open questions.

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Hi spacecabbie!

No, that is currently not possible.


Hi Otacke,

Rather than having to create 200 questions specific to this Question Set, is it possible to set up the Quiz to randomly pull 25 questions from a bank of questions already created?

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Hi Robert,

What did you meant about "bank of questions" are you pertaining to Moodle's question bank. If so I'm afraid not, Question Set or H5P in general cannot pull questions from Moodle's question bank.


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Hi Robert!

If you want to pull them from an external source, you might want to have a look at Sebastian Rettig's tool for Flashcard/Dialog Card generation that could be customized to also support other questions. You can find it at https://github.com/sr258/h5p-cli-creator. It would also be possible to write a similar tool that builds a QuestionSet package from a pool of existing H5P.Questions, but to the best of my knowledge nobody has created something lie that.


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Awesome! I'm using H5P for my courses and this is a major help!

Great news, that's a game-changing feature.  

Thank you guys!

Hey there,

I created a quiz with 4 questions. I used drag and drop and fill in the blanks alternatly.
It is important for the content that the questions follow each other in the created order. I didn´t check randomize question, but it still ranks the questions randomly. Can somebody help me to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Velten,

There is a setting right below 'Randomize question' which is labeled 'Number of questions to be shown', if you placed anything here it will automatically randomize the questions. Since you would like to show all 4 questions you can leave that setting blank.


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This is a great quizset, which is what I was looking for. Is it possible to show more than one question per screen? Now I see one question per page. Also, is there a way to check if all questions have been answered? let's say I have created 50 questions. And I created a set of 10. Then after one try, 40 are still not done. Is it possible to show users how many have been presented. So after three round they have a max of 60% done.