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I'm new here and hope I'm following the correct forum rules for posting. If not, please let me know and I'll be happy to post correctly.

Feature Request: The interactive Video option but using audio and a simple "poster image" that takes the place of the video. This would be where the interactive objects show up. If anyone knows a way to merely extend the current feature, then please advise or let me know where to start in the docs/developer section.

Background: I have a part-time pro-bono project as a web developer for a Podcast/Blog called Ten Thousand Africans (www.tenthousandafricans.com). Various people are featured there in audio interviews. I am converting these interviews into interactive media experiences using the Interactive video. Presently, I have proposed converting the audio to a video file with a still image.

Intent: I would like to use features in the "Interactive Video" H5P Element but do not actually intend to use video, just audio. Fo example, posting relevant links, questions, images, etc that show up at various points in the recording. My client  is not working on video and wants to limit its use to keep bandwidth low (some of our audience have very basic internet access, and we are not doing anything special with video in the final dlivery).

Any input is always appreciated. I'll do my best to answer any questions to the best of my ability.



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An option could be to create a video consisting of a single image and an audio file. To accomplish this you could e.g. use ffmpeg. Another option would be to use Image Hotspots. It doesn't support "background audio", but that might have been a useful feature.

Thanks for the suggestions. I was investigating using ffmpeg yesterday. Will revisit it this evening. I will aslo see if I can repurpose the code for interactive video and post any progress I make in case that helps anyone out there or can be an addition to H5P's resources.

Thanks again!

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Let us know how it goes :)

I have a similar request for "interactive audio" from a client who teaches English Language classes and already has a large number of audio files. For the activity, she simply requires the audio to pause at specific timestamps and for questions to appear.

We are using H5P for teaching Croatian language as second language, and are desperate for the interactive audio that can be paused at specific time. Thank you! :)

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Hi jklindzic,

Though it is not really a solution you can use Interactive video. You can use a "blank video" with only audio in it and add the interactions that you want.


Like Interactive video please provide Interactieve audio, where addition of other files on certain spots will be possible