H5P ESL / EAL Interactions embedded in an HTML5 PowerPoint

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I used a combination of technologies to create my module.  I used PowerPoint to create my main menu, pages, and navigation buttons.  I used the H5P WordPress Plugin to create my activities and assessments.  H5P is an open-source project, and all my interaction was created with it.  iSpring Converter Pro  is a commercial product which I used both to embed my H5P iFrames, and to convert my ppt to HTML5.  I used Bitmoji to create my help character images.  I used a Google Chrome add-on called Loom to do my screen recordings for the submodule onramp videos and how-to help videos.  I recorded the audio simultaneously with a digital voice recorder, and edited it with open source software called Audacity.  I cropped and combined the screen recordings and audio using Camtasia.  Finally, I used Amazon Cloudfront to host my module.

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WOW! Awesome work Avi and thank you very much for sharing. :-)


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Hi Avi,

If you're reading this, I recently tried in vain to contact you via the Contact form on your website (does not work) and by email (no answer).

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Apesar de a mensagem ser de muito tempo atrás, somente hoje tive acesso a mesma e é muito admiravel os projetos que estão em volta do H5P, podemos manter contato?

Hello.  Maybe you can help me.  I am using ppt to build my course and then convert it with ispring so that my students can use it offline as html5.  Could I somehw put  an H5p activity locally on a ppt slide so that when converted with ispring the students are able to use the H5p activities.?

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Hi supergiop,

Afaik this is not possible. Theoretically an H5P can be embedded in a Power point using the embed feature but this still needs to communicate with the server that is hosting the content.




Very impressinve work. Thank you for sharing.