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I would like to see a Vimeo support for interactive videos, any progress on this yet? Last time I have seen this mentioned is in 2015:

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Hello! We do support VimeoPro. Normal Vimeo didn't have the necessary APIs last time we checked.

What about Vimeo Plus?

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I think it is possible to integrate Vimeo in the same way the youtube integration for IV works, by using this API: Hopefully, someone will get the time to do that soon :)

You could add a feature request here, maybe someone in the community will pick it up!

For learning content vimeo is often the prefered platform because of more flexible privacy settings than Youtube. Hopefully we get one of our Moodle customers to use h5p and to support some API development within the next months.

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I agree, Vimeo fits like a glow into H5P :)

We use Vimeo pro. Please elaborate on how we can use a Vimeo Pro video within the Interactive Video feature.

Thanks. I think I got it. Appreciate everyone's support!

Would you mind sharing your solution? Thanks!

It's all good - got things figured out on my end. 

Please spell out what I need to put into the "enter video source url" box. I'm on Vimeo Pro and I've tried both 'embed': and 'copy video link': Both return "Video format not supported" when I get to the 'add interactions' tab. It's just a Camtasia-generated MP4 with nothing weird about it. I know that Vimeo are getting greedy with their subscriptions: does it only work with Vimeo ProPlus or Vimeo Enterprise now or something?

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Hi Neil,

You can read more about using Vimeo videos here.


... or here which I found at the bottom of the thread (note to self - read the whole thread). It might be worth somebody pinning this link to the top of the thread.

Hi! I have a problem since vimeo updated its video management console. Before, when I wanted to embed a video in H5P, I would get the link from vimeo's "distribution" option, even choosing the quality of the video. Now that option is no more. Do you know where I can get the link to embed as a video in H5P? Thanks in advance!

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Is this up-to-date?

thanks!!! it works!

Very grateful if someone can explain how they did this.

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