Interactive Video does NOT work on iphone

LOVE H5P... another great contribution by MIT (big scratch fan too!)

I just created an interactive video (test). It works fine on desktop...IE but it does not work when viewing that page from my iphone.

It is running in drupal 7
ios8 iphone

Is this a known bug?



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This is not really a bug, but a known limitation on iPhones. On iPhone it is not possible to playback video in the browser, i.e it is automatically opened in the native video player. This makes it impossible for us to add interactions on the top of the video. 

Do you have any idea if:

1.) Apple will change how it handles video playback, preventing h5p from working 

2.) if H5P will be able to have any type of work around for this





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Yeah, it is a shame.

  1. Don't know. iPhones have become a lot bigger now making it more relevant to support HTML5 video. They already supports it on iPads.
  2. We might make an H5P player app in the future, but it will take some time til we get there

Web page just tested with Ipad. Worked OK, I believe.

Just tested on iphone with both IOS 9.3.2 and IOS 10, both working on my test website, including interactivity.

Hi, just tested this on an iPhone 8 (iOS 12.1.2) using a mp4 video and the H5P activity in our moodle platform (Moodle 3.5.3+ (Build: 20181116)). The video format is not supported. A customer who pointed us to this problem said it worked last year. Has there been a change in iOS that would explain why it suddenly stopped working?

Best, Harald

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Hi Harald,

I am unable to reproduce the issue you described. Would you mind sharing a sample URL so that we can check?



Here's a link to an interactive video in our public demo course room (still work in progress though). Please login as guest (Als Gast fortfahren). It's a small mp4 video with some text as interaction. Error message says "Video not supported", tested on my iPhone 8, iOS 12.1.2. The customer I talked about had created interactive videos last semester with an older version of the interactive video content type. These videos stopped working on iPhones after we updated all old content type versions and made the existing instances use the latest versions. The test video has been created right now so the error not only affects old instances that have been created with older versions but also new content using the latest version of interactive video (1.20.2).

Best, Harald



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Hi Harald,

Thank you for the additional information. I created a bug report and you can follow the progress here.



I just saw that the test video I sent you also does not work on Safari (12.0.2) with MacOS 10.13.6. Haven't had time yet to test with newer OS. It's the same issue as with iOS as also the old content created with older versions of the interactive video content type stopped working after being updated to the latest version of the content type.



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Hi Harald,

Thank you for the additional information.


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Having the same issue here. H5P Interactive videos play as normal but without any of the interactive features on iPhones and iPads. Any idea for a work around at this point?

Thanks for any help you can provide


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Hi Andrew,

I haven't tested it but there is a suggestion here.


Dear all,

Is there already any progress about this issue? What can be done by you, H5P, to fix this? Is there a course of action towards Apple if the problem can not be solved internally at H5P?


Please let us know!



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Hi Bas, 

This should be working from iOS 10 and up.